Product List


(All Products Imported From The UK)

  Scoop Dish
Keep Warm Dish
Egg Cup
Large Scoop Bowl
One Way Drinking Straw
Cup Holder
Drinking Cup
Nose Cut Out Cup
Safe Straw
Utensil Strap
Bendable Spoon
Bendable Fork
Bendable Teaspoon
Splayed Fork
Nelson Knife
Build Up Grips
Non Slip Tray
Food Workstation
Easy Grip Bread Knife
Plastic Plate Guard
Clear Plate Guard
Round Elastic Shoe Laces
Bath Board With Handle
Large Non Slip Bath Mat
Suction Brush
Curved Bath Brush
Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Nail Clipper
Medici Cross-head and Crystal Tap Turner
Turning cushion
Adjustable Bed Backrest
Push On Pegs
A4 Sheet Magnifier With Stand
Medical Sheepskin
Mini Easy-Grip Scissors



Youth Nappy Range
Youth Swimming Nappy Range
Sensory Toys
Sensory Equipment


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